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Traditions of the past for contemporary ceremonies

Rain on your wedding Day: rather topical – means good wishes and the bride will never need to shed her own tears.

Late Arrival of the Bride: Would you believe that this comes from the days when women were sold as brides? The brides were often reluctant to be wed (wonder why!), hence the running late and the tradition of giving away of the bride.

Hopefully, modern day brides are keen to be wed to their grooms, and giving away has changed to bringing of the bride or supporting / accompanying the bride and or groom; so there is no need for the lateness…less stressful on the groom, who can't wait to see his bride, guests and wedding staff alike.

Having Bridesmaids: Having bridesmaids is an old Pagan tradition and was used to distract the evil spirits that sought after the bride. The wearing of veil was also used to confuse the evil spirits.

Tossing of Rose petals before the Bride: It was the role of the flower girls to drop flower or rose petals on the way down the aisle, in front of the bride. This was as an assurance that she would bear children.

Giving of Rings: Historically, it was believed that there was a vein that ran from the third finger of the left hand up to the heart. Hence the ring was placed on this finger. Egyptian men once regarded the gifting of a gold ring as proof that they trusted their brides with their wealth.

Tying the knot: The phrase, Tying the Knot, comes from the Celtic practice of hand fasting, which is very popular today, especially in Wiccan ceremonies. In earlier times, it was very difficult to be wed by a clergyman, so for many couples who fell in love, hand fasting was their only recourse.

Hand fasting was considered a legal ceremony in Scotland until 1939.

To symbolise the unity of the couple, a cord or sash was used to tie their hands together; each wrap or knot represents a step towards complete commitment to each other and the joining of their lives and hearts.

Kissing the Bride: Much more than a sign of affection. It is thought that it was also the bonding and exchanging of spirits into their partner’s soul.

Bride on the left side of the Groom: This tradition permitted the groom to reach for his sword, to defend his bride against potential capturers

Cutting the Wedding Cake: The cutting of the cake, together by the bride and groom, assures that they will be blessed with babies.

Throwing of the Bouquet: Anything worn by the bride was considered to be good luck to others. The single girl who catches the bouquet is destined to be the next married.

Lucky Wedding Days: Victorians, that is in ye olde England, believed that it was lucky to marry on the day of the week that the groom was born; and if possible, on the actual birthday of the groom.

Saturday was deemed the unluckiest day of all for the wedding. Amazing how that has changed!

So the best traditions are those that suit you, as the Bride and Groom!

Tuesday 31 March, 2020. Last updated on Tuesday 13 September, 2011