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Top 10 Tips to Prevent a Budget Blowout

Ceremonies and receptions are what you wish; the following tips are here to assist you in having a wedding that will be remembered – and that doesn’t blow your budget. Ask me about my Absolutely No Fuss Ceremony! Registry Office price competititive with so much more choice and attention.

1. Ceremony site

Many park and beach ceremony sites do not cost – nor does having your ceremony in your home or a very special spot. Remember always to have a second place in the event of inclement weather!

Include beauty of a natural setting into your ceremony i.e. flowering trees, roses in bloom. It may be standing near a magnificent Moreton Bay Fig tree or amongst the mangroves.

Be creative and romantic – the place where you met; a fabulous lookout or an incredible icon such as a lighthouse, or a heritage listed theatre. Ask me about special places of interest, and check out my Life Events face book page.

2. Reception place

Choose a mid-week or Sunday wedding. You may have a better choice of reception venue or place of celebration. Also check out what décor is included in the package i.e. chairs, PA system for music (including reception), red carpet and flowers.

3. A Package Deal for your Ceremony and Reception

There are some fabulous deals around, which provide a place for your ceremony and a room for your reception – often accommodation is also available. These deals can be rather attractive. Take care that there are no additional costs for a room set up if there is inclement weather.

Even if the deal is attractive, care should be taken if its location requires additional travel and expensive accommodation costs for your guests.

4. Reception

Again be creative – is a breakfast at a golf club less expensive? What about a morning tea reception at a cup cake teahouse? What about a picnic in the park or canapés and beers at a brewery? Now that will made your groom happy!

5. Limit the guest list

Have an invite for the ceremony and an invite for the reception. Many of your friends love that you have thought of them and invited them to your ceremony. A small, intimate reception can be as rewarding and as enjoyable as a large one that may put you into debt.

6. Flowers

Yes flowers are a tradition and you can certainly break with tradition… Carrying a handbag was once the fashion. Why not carry a pretty lace parasol. Perhaps you can borrow one from a favourite aunt.

Visit the markets for your flowers - roses or arum lilies tied with a ribbon can look simple and elegant. So does a dainty bunch of herbs.

Choose flowers and foliage from those in season, rather than having to purchase hot house varieties that can be more expensive.

A beautiful Pagan ritual is for guests to bring flowers to the ceremony for the bride to carry. Ask me about how it can be included in your ceremony.

And another hint is to create your reception centrepieces with floating flowers and tea light candles in shallow bowls. Go op. shopping and choose some inexpensive bowls that the guests can then take home.

7. The Little Extras

I’m referring to the little trinkets that are often seen on the reception tables. These trinkets can be pretty and fun to play with, however they can add to the cost of a wedding.

So an alternative is to add other interesting items to a reception, such as photos of growing up, or photos of other weddings in the family. These can provide focal points to your wedding without adding additional costs.

8. Invites and Other Stationary

Organise a craft party and have your friends create your suite of stationary – invites, and name/thank you cards.

Or better still…

Save on stationery - flick the invites and the postage whenever you can: use a facebook (or other social media) date saver and have RSVPs on line. There are also lots of free wedding website templates available.

9. Dresses for your Wedding

Importing a dress from overseas (China) is a popular new choice. I have seen some of these dresses and it looked fabulous.

If this is not your style, then look at other ways such as hiring or purchasing a pre-loved dress. Often the dry cleaning can cost more than the dress (can be up to $250) so take this into account.

Dresses for the bride and her attendants are a matter of choice, so be creative and inventive, and throw tradition out the window. Choose dresses that you would like to wear again (and again!) and don’t break the budget.

10. And a Tip from Bride-to-be Elly

Be creative and heartfelt in whatever you do, feel free not to buy into the whole wedding expectations thing. Wear whatever dress makes you happy.

Order a big chocolate cake from the local bakery if that is all you want.

Cultivate an interest in recycling and not having to have everything new; and - do what you can yourself, just leave the stressy or messy parts to the experts.

And lastly…Contact Kay on 0434147794 for more creative ways that will make your celebration individual and unique…..(c)

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