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Signing wedding papers

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So you are engaged. Congratulations to the both of you…next step is to arrange a meeting with me.

Your Legal Requirements

Marriage, according to law in Australia, is the union of a man and a woman... 

First Meeting.

Time to find your important papers that you keep in a safe place...

Apart from us getting to know each and also discussing what ideas and plans you have for your ceremony, there are a number of legals that you and your partner are required to meet. 

I will take you through your legal requirements. I will assist you to fill in your Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM). and provide you with a list of relevant legal documents. The NOIM is a document which demonstrates your wish to marry. You can download and commence filling it out, ready to sign in front of me as your witness, or another witness (see list). The NOIM can be completed up to 18 months before your ceremony but must be returned to me, no less than 1 month before your ceremony.*

* Notice of Intended Marriage forms:  27.12.11: changes to the Interpretion Act  on the meaning of 'a month and a day' prior to your wedding.  Ask me about it....

You will need to bring me legal original documents, to demonstrate 'evidence of date and place of birth, evidence of identity and evidence of termination of any previous marriage.  Also we will need to acquire photocopies of relevant legal documents. Please bring along your Australian Driver's Licence as proof of identity too.

Birth Certificates.

Born in Australia?  Your Birth Certificate, as proof that you are you. You can obtain a copy of your birth certificate from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the Australian state of your birth. 

Born Overseas and living in Australia? Your Birth Certificate & authorised translation. You can apply for a copy of your birth certificate from the country of your birth. In some countries, a request can take time.   A Certificate of Australian Citizenship is required, if relevant, especially if there has been a name change.

Current Passport.

From Overseas?  Your Birth Certificate and authorised translation. Otherwise your passport is required.

Divorce/Death Papers.

Been married before? A Death Certificate, Decree Nisi or Divorce Certificate is required as proof that you are no longer married. If married in Australia, you can apply for a copy of the death certificate from the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages. Assistance for divorce papers can be sought from the Family Court of Australia.

Name Change Papers.

Changed your name since birth? Your Certificate of Name Change/new Birth Certificate is required.

If you are from overseas or from out-of-town and can’t attend our first meeting? No problem. You can scan and email me the completed NOIM, (see witness section for who can sign), and copies of the relevant legal documents. You can then bring the original NOIM and legal documenets with you, for when we meet prior to your Ceremony.  OR:   You can send me your completed original NOIM and copies of your relevant legal documents by registered mail.  Remember to pack the original legal documents so that I can sight them before I am able to marry you!

Again, they must be to me in the required time line. No more than 18 months, and no less than *1 month, before your Ceremony!

*Notice of Intended Marriage forms:  27.12.11: changes to the Interpretion Act  on the meaning of 'a month and a day' prior to your wedding.  Ask me about it....

This is also a good time for you to fill out the Booking Form for your Ceremony, if you have not already done so. Its completion, and payment of your Booking Fee guarantees your date & time, with me as your celebrant for your ceremony.

 From Wendy and Tom, New Zealand had a beach wedding at Noosa:  

We absolutely loved our day. You are a lovely person. I am so glad that we chose you to be our celebrant.

Thanks a bunch ox

 Meeting prior to your ceremony

This is when we complete the remainder of the legals, ready for when you and your witnesses sign the Register on your Wedding Day! This is also when you and your wedding party can get together for your rehearsal or walk-thru of your ceremony. It also gives me the opportunity to fine-tune your ceremony!

Apart from your honeymoon and starting your married life together, you may need to change names on documents like bank accounts, driver’s licences etc. The Certificate of Marriage that I will present to you during your ceremony, while a valid document, is not acceptable for name changing. Official proof of your marriage is required for this.

I will give you the required forms so that you can apply for your Certificate of Marriage from the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages. You can have a choice of a standard or a commemorative certificate at different costs. 

 I send the application with your legals and then you are not required to provide any further proof of identity.




At the Wedding

You will be asked to 'sign the register' after you have been declared married.  These are the legal forms that you completed, ready for signing, at the meeting prior to your wedding.

Two Witnesses.

You will be asked to provide two witnesses, who will attend your wedding and stand near you to ensure that you are getting married of your own accord.  These witnesses need to be 18 years of age or over, and be able to understand the ceremony.  They can be friends, family - male or female.  They will need to provide to me their full names and be able to sign your legal forms on the day of your marriage.

 After the Wedding

Me. I complete all the paperwork and lodge it with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the State of your ceremony.

You. I will ask you for your feedback on my services and any suggestions for additional services.  And please, email or face book me and tag me in your photos! 

I am also a member of the Australian Bridal Industry Academy, so please vote me and make me your Top Supplier!

 There are many different scenarios with the legals, so please contact me if you want to discuss your particular situation.

From Marcia and Peter who declared their vows on the beach in Bribie's national park:

Just wanted to say thank you so much for being a large part of our wedding ceremony. It was a fantastic day, we thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. You conducted a beautiful ceremony and thanks so much for your patience in allowing us to get the ceremony just right. We believe that we got the ceremony and vows perfect and had great feedback about the whole event.

Thanks again and I would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone in the future.


From Will and Sam who had a Family Commitment Declaration in their ceremony:

Kay was absolutely wonderful, she helped us through creating our wedding ceremony to suit us- She allowed us to make it personalised with little tips when we needed them to help bring it all together. She was warm and welcoming, so helpful and she was wonderful on our wedding day. She also helped us get organised, and to understand all the legals as we were unsure about a lot of those things. We highly recommend Kay as a celebrant or as part of every ceremony.

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