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Renewal of Vows

There are many reasons for you, as a couple, to renew your wedding or commitment vows. It may be to reflect on the journey that you have travelled with your relationship; or it may be to include family and friends who could not attend your first ceremony. It may also be to recognise your future hopes and dreams.

You can choose to reaffirm your original vows or you may wish to choose new vows to reflect your future loves together.

I can reformat your original ceremony to reflect your lives together, or you may choose to have a totally new ceremony and include your children, or even grandchildren in the ceremony. They could be your witnesses and sign your Certificate.

A ceremony can be held in your home or at a favourite place – day time, night time – all your choice.

 Noela and David renewed their vows on their 40th wedding anniversary: The ceremony was beautiful and the feedback from our guests was amazing,  Everything was perfect - it was just right!  

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