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This is my Commitment to you...

As an accredited and professionally trained civil marriage celebrant, I undertake to do my utmost to help you create a happy, fun, memorable ceremony - one that reflects you;  whether it is a K.I.S (keep it simple) Ceremony,  a Short and Sweet Ceremony or a Traditional Ceremony.  Have a look at my range of packages (below).  

Whatever your choice of ceremony package,  I will personally guarantee a high quality,  professional  service, always,  that will add to your wedding experience! 

I will conduct your ceremony at your choice of venue, whether it  is a chapel or  venue, or in a casual setting such as a park, beach or bushland.

View some of my Favourite places.

As an accredited full-time civil marriage celebrant I will endeavour to provide you with:

  • A creative, relaxed, personalised ceremony
  • Choice in the design of your ceremony
  • Personal, face to face meetings (no set number)
  • Fast turn-around communication - by phone, email, facebook 
  • A Life Events wedding satchel containing poems, readings, articles and how-to’s on vow writing etc
  • Support for you and your partner leading up your ceremony, and on the Day
  • Assistance in accessing relevant  relationships support services
  • Assistance and co-operation with your wedding planner, photographer and bridal party to ensure that your ceremony occurs just the way that it was planned
  • Access to a library of examples including vows, verse & music
  • Commemorative copy of your chosen Ceremony
  • PA system for ceremony speaking (if required), signing table/chair and cloth  
  • Ritual or custom ceremony accessories such as wine glasses, settings and candle holders - see Life Events facebook page
  • No back-to-back ceremonies
  • All your legal requirements, including lodging of your documents
  • Assistance in obtaining your official Marriage Certificate
  • Special on-going offers for Life Events members.

If it is in a park or on a beach, you may need to seek the relevant Council approval for use of the site.

From Carmel and Jono, who came from Springsure, for their beautiful coastal wedding at a golf club: 

Country music rules!Thanks so much for such a wonderful celebration. Jono & I were so happy with the way everything went & we got numerous comments about how great the ceremony was (quick & fuss free)!! Thanks so much.



Your legal requirements

As an accredited and professionally trained Civil Marriage Celebrant, I will work with the two of you to ensure that you complete all of your legal requirements, prior to your ceremony.

From Efie and Mark who chose a lovely, simple Spring-filled garden wedding: 

From the first time we visited Kay in her lovely house to talk about our wedding ceremony, she impressed us with her welcoming personality and her smiley face. The sweet, "no fuss" ceremony she gave us was exactly what we wanted for our spring parkland wedding.  Nothing needed to be added, everything was perfect, exactly what we wanted!   Thank you, Kay!

 Your Relationship

As an accredited and professionally trained civil marriage celebrant, it is my responsibility to supply relationship services information to my couples who are intending to marry… read more.

Design your own personalised marriage ceremony

The Marriage Ceremony can be structured to how you like it!  

Just as you can select your place of marriage, you can select your style of service. I have a large choice of custom designed ceremonies and packages, for the budget-conscious or I can personally design the most elaborate, stylised ceremony. Your ceremony will be your own with so many choices!

Use my Design Your Own Personalised Marriage Ceremony as a guide, then send it to me along with your Booking Form; or bring to our first obligation free meeting.

Weddings:Traditional Package

Your personal taste can influence your style of wedding ceremony; You may wish to include the love, honour and respect style into your ceremony; or you may wish to have the love you madly style of ceremony.

Every aspect of your ceremony, from your arrival to your declaration as the happily married couple, can be styled to suit you. The choice is yours and I can provide the ceremony that reflects you!

Ask me about what is included in a Traditional Package!

 Weddings: Short + Sweet Package

A Short and Sweet marriage ceremony is designed for the couple who desire the least amount of fuss, budget-priced wedding. I can offer you a choice of short and sweet ceremonies.  Include a reading, and your own romantic vows, if you wish.  Just as beautiful and just as meaningful!

Ask me about what is included in a Short and Sweet Package!

 Weddings: K.I.S. Package

Introducing….. Keeping It Simple...   Many  of my couples have expressed their wish for the simplest of ceremonies with no-fuss: and one that matches their budget. This package grants them their wish using a simply beautiful ceremony written for such an occasion.  If you are a soon-to-be-married couple who wishes a beautiful, simple, stylish ceremony, that meets your budget, then this package is for you.   And yes, you can still write your own vows, if you desire.  Life Events synonymous high quality always!

Weddings: Elopement Package

An elopement offers you a simple, care-free, fun way of being married. No more do you need the ladder from the bedroom to flee and be wed... read more.

Ask me about what is included in an Elopement Package!  

 Weddings - Other Great Ideas

  • Themed
  • Bikers’
  • Medieval
  • Spiritual
  • Fairytale ...and more...

Rituals and Customs

Many couples like to include a ritual or custom in their ceremony. These rituals can be influenced by your chosen setting or by your choice of weddings. A sand (ceremony)  ritual is perfect for a beach wedding. Another ritual is a circle that encompasses all of your family and friends.  This is extremely effective if you have chosen to have a small wedding.

Rose customs are a favourite for ceremonies set in formal gardens and ring ceremonies can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. I have lots of creative ideas!

Other rituals include:

  • Wreath
  • Wine Cup
  • Jumping the Broom
  • Blessing of the Hands
  • Warming of the Rings
  • Sand
  • Candle Lighting
  • Wishing Stones.....

You may wish to include your own custom into your ceremony. Children and family members often play an important role in your chosen ritual.

A ritual, especially one involving your guests, will lengthen the time of your ceremony.

Weddings: Cultural

Many couples like to recognise and honour their birthplace or their cultural heritage and include cultural traditions into their ceremonies. An example of respecting a cultural tradition can be the wearing of a clan tartan kilt, or the playing of bagpipes. There are also many beautiful traditions that play a significant role in a person’s life and these can be blended into your ceremony.

I am happy to discuss with you your cultural heritage ideas and undertake further research. I have a library of ideas and customs for you to use.

From Warrick and Dao, who had a beautiful garden wedding with Thai influence.  Warrick and Dao taught me to speak  Thai words of welcome and farewell:

Kay was very flexible and amenable to all our ideas. She has a great range of photos, suggestions and material to share to make organising our wedding such a breeze. I loved our regular meetings and contract to make sure everything was on track. Best of allwe really liked how Kay was able to join with the spirit of the event and help make it a truly memorable ceremony. Thank you Kay, we really appreciate your service. 

 Weddings: Pagen and Wiccan 

Pagen, including Celtic and Wiccan ceremonies can be traditional or as simple as you like,  Candles, herbs and flowers can decorate your marriage area, and the ceremony can incorporate the four corners of fire, water, earth and air.

Handfasting, whilst now becoming a ritual within modern ceremonies, finds its origins in Celtic ceremonies. The hands of the couple can be tied together with ribbon, rope or a tartan cloth that represents both clans.I can offer you a selection of ceremonies including a choice of handfasting rituals. Ceremonies can include: the Circle, Keys to the Larder, Sword of Honour, Cakes and Ale, Besom Jump and Handfasting...  

  Weddings:  Beach

Blue skies, crystal clear sparking water, golden sands - Queensland has the best beaches in the world for your beach wedding.  Whether you are planning a wedding at the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Redland or Redcliffe, I am available for your wedding ceremony.  See Favourite Places and Mementos for great beach wedding ideas.  With good planning and assistance from the best wedding services, you will be able to achieve the wedding of your dreams!

Download my Life Events Hints for Weddings to assist you in your planning of your special day. 


 Weddings: Retro/Vintage

What a great opportunity to include the olde and the interesting in your ceremony design.  School benches and tables, bicyles and bells; embroidery and crossstitch - all whimisal ideas to include in your ceremony.  Together, we can design your ceremony to match your style.  Your choice of venue or place is also important so that you guests will be delighted by the olde fare.


From Victoria and Jon who chose an outdoor venue  wedding ceremony which included a beautiful candle ceremony:

Kay, you were our perfect celebrant! We loved your enthusiasm and commitment for what you do. We loved that you were incredibly organised and accomodating to any ideas and decisions we made so that the ceremony was completely 'us'.

We loved that you were friendly and very experienced. We loved being able to meet you at your home and be shown photos and example ceremonies for inspiration. We are so glad we made the decision to have you as our celebrant and certainly won't hesitate in recommending you to everyone we know!


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