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Celebration of Life (funeral) and Memorial

There are a number of choices available for you to say Farewell to your loved one and to celebrate their Life on earth.

A personalised ceremony can include those poignant, precious mementos that reflect the life of your loved one including favourite poems or prayers, religious or spiritual readings or prose. A Reflection consisting of a DVD of your loved one, can be included in the service.

Photos of their life can be on display, and the service can include a Candle Lighting Ceremony.

Family and friends may wish to read a tribute, sing a favourite tune or play a musical instrument during the ceremony. Or you may desire a special song played or sung. You may wish to release a white dove, butterflies or balloons at the end of the ceremony.

I will meet with you and your family prior to the service to ensure that the thoughts and wishes of you and your family are included in the service for your loved one. I will remain in touch with you and your chosen Funeral Director, making certain that the service is conducted to your desires. Please note that funeral arrangements should be discussed with your chosen Funeral Director.



 Comments made at a Celebration of Life (funeral) by the best friend of the departed:  Kay, you captured the very essence of…. It was like she was in the room.



A memorial service, to remember and to honour your loved one, can be held at your choice of venue. It could be a special place that reminds you of your loved one, or that secret place where you used to go to reenergise or reflect. If it is in a park or on a beach, you may need to seek the relevant Council approval for use of the site. Permission from a private landowner would also be required to be sought.

A memorial service can include most of the elements of a funeral service, however it does not require the involvement of a Funeral Director.

Dealing with grief and trauma

My links page has the contact details for counselling services if these are required at any time, by you, or members of your family.


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